Useful apps

For personal use

Try these recording apps and see if you can use them. There are apps for time recording, bookkeeping or sleep and habit recording. You can use all apps in your own way, depending on your needs.

Data is only stored on your own mobile device, so the app can be used without online access. No external databases are used.




These apps are simple time recording apps for you, who want to manage time or other resources, spent on projects and jobs.

You can enter hours spent, or enter start and stop time. Work hours can be spread out on jobs in the project, and you can enter amount and text note. Jobs can be defined for units instead of hours, so you can keep track of many different things. Recordings can be exported in csv files.

Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Thai

The above app can also be used for time recording. Here you can also enter hourly usage, or stamp start and end time. Units, amounts and notes can be entered, as well as links and images can be added. In addition, it is possible to create checklists, which can be sent to others by email or SMS.

Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai

In this app you can save all kinds of information from the internet. These can be youTube videos, health tips, places on Google Maps and much more. You simply copy the link and paste it into the app. You can add your own text and choose the category under which the link will be placed. On the front page you can narrow down the list by selecting one of the categories or searching the texts. You can define 18 different categories.

Danish, English, Norwegian

If you have sleep problems, this app might be for you. Bad habits can negatively affect your sleep, and good habits can improve sleep. Here you can record your sleep and add notes to the quality of sleep. In addition, you can record habits and compare your habits with sleep. You can create your own habits, that you want to follow.


This is a simple bookkeeping app that can be used by smaller companies.  Your bank transactions can be imported into the app, after which you simply specify the offset account. If you already post in an excel sheet, it is a big advantage to use this app instead.

You can take a screenshot or a picture of your attachment and add this to the posting entry. Or you can upload your attachments to an archive (e.g. dropbox) and insert a link to the attachment on the post.


With this app you can manage your private finances. You can register what your money is used for and print an account that gives an overview of how much you spend on different items. You can edit the chart of accounts with which the app was born, so that the accounts are completely adapted to your needs. If you have not previously posted accounts, this is a good app to learn how to do.