Simple apps

For everyday use

Try these apps for recording time, bookkeeping or sleep and habits. You can use them in your own way, as you need. They store data solely on your mobile device, so they don't need an online connection. No external databases are used.

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These apps are simple time recording apps to help you manage your time, or other resources you spend on projects and tasks.

You can enter hours spent, or start and stop time. Work hours can be logged for different project tasks, and you can add amount and text notes. Tasks can be defined as units instead of hours, so you can keep track of a wide range of things. Data can be saved and exported in csv files.

Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Thai

This app can also be used to record time. You can enter hours spent, or log start and end time, as well as units, amounts and notes. Links and images can be added, too, and you can create checklists, to-do lists etc.

Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai

This app lets you save all kinds of information from the internet - YouTube videos, health tips, Google Maps locations, etc. - .by simply copying the link and pasting it into the app. You can add your own text and list the link in one of up to 18 categories you can define. The categories and texts can then be used to narrow down searches using the built-in search tool.

Danish, English, Norwegian

If you have trouble sleeping, this app might be for you. Bad habits can negatively affect your sleep, and good habits can improve it. The app lets you record your sleep and add notes about its quality. In addition, you can define habits and record these to monitor their impact on your sleep.


This is a simple bookkeeping tool for smaller companies.  You can import your bank transactions into the app and specify the offset account. If you are already using Excel to post transactions, using this app instead has big advantages.

You can take a screenshot or a photo of your attachment and add it to your transaction. Alternattively, you can upload your attachments to an archive (e.g. dropbox) and link the transaction to them.


You can manage your private finances with this app. You can import your bank transactions into the app and specify the offset account, defined in the chart of accounts. The build-in chart of accounts can be edited to adapt the accounts to your private needs. You can print account overviews showing what you have spent your money on.  If you have never posted transactions before, this is a simple way to learn how to do it.